Rectangular Rust Metal Water Feature

Lighting Corten Steel Rusty Fountain water feature starts off looking like any other steel feature. However, after just a few days of use, it will develop a rust-like surface that also has a protective layer. The added LED light strip to the cascade makes this feature beautiful by day and...

Product Details

Rectangular rust metal Water Feature

It is a very nice handcrafted and finished solid rectangular water table. Made from 3mm thick Corten steel. Its surace forms a rust layer, which also serves as protection to the substrate. By Rusting is excluded, this makes corten steel as one of the most durable steels. On top of the water forms a 2 cm thick water layer, which subtly runs off the edges. There may possibly also stones are scattered on the plateau as they wish.

Please note that this product in not silent, it will produce sound from the both the cascading water and the pump.



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