MS Steel Plate Carbon Steel Plate Weathering Steel

MS Steel Plate Carbon Steel Plate Weathering Steel

Weather resistant structural Corten steel has a good anticorrosive properties of weather. The steel is self-protecting, the rust layer on the surface becomes a tight oxide layer that slows down the progress of corrosion. The steel is also economical, long-lasting and fully recyclable material.

Product Details

MS Steel Plate carbon steel plate weathering steel

1. Structural steel

It is mainly used for the production of steel structures, bridges, ships and vehicles.

2. Weathering steel

The addition of special elements (P, Cu, C, etc.) has good corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance, and is used in the production of containers, special vehicles, and also for building structures.

3. Hot rolled special steel

Carbon steel, alloy steel and tool steel for general mechanical structure are used in the production of various mechanical parts after heat treatment engineering.

4. Steel plate for steel pipe

It has good processing performance and compressive strength, and can be used to produce high pressure gas pressure vessels with contents less than 500L filled with LPG, acetylene and various gases.


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