Demand Status Of Aluminum Plate

- Sep 30, 2018-

Supply of aluminum sheet materials in five areas of excess production-supply of aluminum sheet materials ceramic aluminum plate punching aluminum plate aluminum ceiling mesh strong aluminum plate carved aluminum plate special-shaped tile cologne plate aluminum plate materials and other products in five areas of overcapacity analysis "from 100 million tons, to now 800 million tons, but also said overcapacity", China Iron and Steel Industry Association under the under "China investment" Said in an interview.

In comparison, China Steel Association released at that time China's steel production capacity once reached 800 million tons, but in practice the compliant steel production capacity of only 400 million tons, there are still 400 million tons of production capacity without the approval of the country. Since being worn out of overcapacity hats in 1999, the steel industry's capacity has continued to expand from time to time as demand has increased. At the root of demand forecasting, the country has been making serious plans for the expansion of capacity in the steel industry, but because demand has repeatedly broken planning capacity, the market's capacity has repeatedly broken the country's plans. For example, in the 2009 years, the State Council "steel property adjustment and ZTE Planning" predicted that China's crude steel consumption of 430 million tons, but when the practice of consumption reached 570 million tons.

China Steel Association estimates that crude steel consumption will reach 680 million tons, when the country agreed to only 400 million tons of steel capacity, the market still has 400 million tons of illegal capacity will compensate the demand gap. In reality, aluminum sheet data in the last 10 years of the authorities in the micro-regulation, China's steel, cement, non-ferrous metals and other industries are constantly being bounded by the "overcapacity" industry, and is applicable to relatively serious territory, taxation, project approval and other types of property policies.