Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting of metal process,with high cutting speed & precise of quality. This is widely used for metal fabrication,machine accessories.

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Laser Cutting/Laser Cut Service/Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication

              High Quality Laser Cut Service


Precise, clean cutting and often does not require further processing. 

Ideal for carbon and stainless steel sheet metal, and intricate patterns.

A fast, repeatable and highly accurate process which is ideal for high production runs. 

Not recommended for conductive materials like copper.

No physical contact with work piece


Small heat affected zone(less than plasma)

Clean Edges

Minimal Material Warping

Narrow Kerf

Precision Cutting

Part Nesting

Complex Contours

No Tool Wear

Intricate shapes

Technology:A computer controlled high power laser beam is focused on the workpiece 

and the resulting heat energy melts or vaporizes the material. Any resulting molten 

material is blown away by pressurized gas during the cutting process creating a high 

quality edge.



Carbon Steel up to 1"   

Aluminum to 0.375"

Stainless Steel up to 0.50"  

Sheet cutting size of 60"

Sheet Size:60" X 120"

Beam Size :1mm

Power :4000 Watts

Equipment4000w Japanese AMADA Laser cutting machine 

ApplicationsArchitectural Ornaments,Structural Steel,Sheet Metal,etc.


 Products of Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication

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