Stainless steel pipe Execution Standard

- Dec 23, 2018-

Stainless steel pipe GB/T14976-94 fluid conveying for GB2270-80 stainless steel seamless pipe

Stainless steel pipe for GB/T14975-2002 structure

Stainless steel pipe for conveying fluid in GB/T14976-2002

Stainless steel pipe for GB13296-91 boiler pipe and heat exchanger

(GJB2608-96) (YB676-73) air structural tubes, thick-walled seamless steel tubes

(GJB2296-95) (YB678-71) stainless steel pipe for aviation

(YB/T679-97) (YB679-71) 18A Hollow rivet thin-walled seamless steel pipe for aviation

(GJB2609-96) (YB680-71) aeronautical structural tubes, thin-walled seamless steel tubes

(YB/T681-97) (YB681-71) air catheter 20A thin-walled seamless steel pipe

GB3090-82 Small diameter stainless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe for gb5310-2008 high pressure boiler

GB3087-2008 low medium Pressure boiler tube

GB3089-92 Stainless acid resistant polar-walled seamless steel pipe

GB9948-2006 Oil cracking pipe

ASTM A213 boilers, heat exchangers, ferrite and austenitic alloy tubes

ASTM A269 General purpose austenitic stainless steel tubes and welded pipes

ASTM A312 austenitic stainless steel seamless steel pipe welded steel tube welded pipe

General requirements for ASTM A450 carbon Steel, ferrite and austenitic alloy steel tubes

ASTM A530 General requirements for Tiesue and alloy steel for special purposes

ASTM A789 generally requires carbon-body austenitic stainless steel pipe and welded steel pipe

JIS G3456-88 mechanical structure with stainless steel pipe

JIS G3448-88 Stainless steel pipe for general piping

Stainless steel pipe for JIS G3459-88 pipeline

JIS G3463-88 boiler, heat exchanger stainless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe for chemical industry in Q/hyad (0Cr18NI11T) Q/hyad CR18NI5MO3SI2 Duplex Stainless steel pipe