process of color stainless steel

- Jan 27, 2019-

Color stainless steel plate process is basically as follows:

1 Connect the plated metal to the positive pole

2 items to be electroplated are connected to the cathode

3 positive and negative poles are connected by an electrolyte solution consisting of a positive ion of a plated metal.

4 through the power supply of direct current, the cathode metal will be oxidized (loss of electrons), the positive ions in the solution in the cathode reduction (to obtain electrons) into atoms and accumulate in the cathode surface.

After Electroplating is the aesthetics of electroplating objects and the size of the current relationship, the smaller the current, the more aesthetically plated objects will be, and conversely, some uneven shape will appear. The main uses of electroplating include preventing metal oxidation (such as rust) and decorating.