Marking method of stainless steel pipe

- Nov 25, 2018-

1. Representation method:

① uses international chemical element symbols and national symbols to denote chemical composition, using Arabic letters to denote the content of ingredients:

Such as: China, Russia 12crni3a

② uses fixed digit numbers to represent steel series or numbers; For example: United States, Japan, 300 series, 400 series, 200 lines;

③ the ordinal number in the Latin alphabet and order, indicating only the use.

2. Numbering rules:

① adopts meta symbol;

② Hanyu Pinyin, flat furnace steel: P; boiling steel: F; sedative steel: B; Class A steel: A;t8: Special 8;gcr15: Ball.

Junction steel, spring steel, such as: 20CrMnTi 60SiMn, (with a few words to indicate C content).

Stainless steel, Alloy tool steel (with a few points to indicate C content), such as: 1Cr18Ni9 1 per thousand (that is, 0.1%c), rust C≤0.08% such as 0cr18ni9, ultra-low carbon c≤0.03% such as 0cr17ni13mo.

3. Marking method: 

The American Iron and Steel Society uses three digits to mark a variety of standard levels of forged stainless steel.


① austenitic stainless steel is labeled with 200 and 300 series, for example, some of the more common austenitic stainless steel is marked with 201, 304, 316 and 310. 

② ferrite and martensitic stainless steel are represented by a 400 series of numbers.

Ferrite stainless steel is marked with 430 and 446, martensite stainless steel is marked with 410, 420 and 440C, Duplex (Austenite-ferrite). 

③ stainless steel, precipitated hardened stainless steel and high alloys with a iron content of less than 50% are usually named after a patent name or trademark.