Color stainless steel classified according to different surface processes

- Feb 03, 2019-

Mirror Plate (8K), drawing Plate (LH), scrub plate, and tattoo board, sandblasting plate, etching plate, embossing plate, composite plate (combination board)

1, color stainless steel mirror PLATE:

8K Plate also known as mirror plate, with abrasive liquid through polishing equipment on the stainless steel plate surface polishing, so that the surface luminosity as clear as a mirror, and then electroplating color.

2, color stainless steel drawing PLATE: Pull Plate (LH), also known as hair pattern, because the tattoo is like hair slender and straight. Its surface is like filamentous texture, which is a processing process of stainless steel. The surface is Matt, look closely on the top has a hint of texture, but can not touch out, than the general bright stainless steel wear-resistant, looks more grade.

The hair plate has a variety of tattoos, hair lines (HL), snowflake Sand (NO4), and tattoos (messy lines), crosses, crossover lines, etc., all the lines are processed by the oil parabolic machine according to the requirements, and then electroplating coloring.

3, color stainless steel sand Blasting Board: Sand blasting plate with zirconium beads through mechanical equipment in the stainless steel plate surface processing, so that the plate surface presents a fine bead granular sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect.

Then electroplating coloring .

4, color stainless steel combination Process board: According to the process requirements, the polishing hair pattern, coating, etching, sandblasting and other processes are concentrated on the same plate surface for the combination of process processing.

Then electroplating coloring.

5. Color stainless steel and tattoo PLATE: and the grain (messy) plate of the sand grain from a distance to see is made up of a circle of sand grain, near is not the specification of the pattern, is from the grinding head up and down the irregular swing grinding into, and then electroplating coloring.

Whether it is with the tattoo board, or wire drawing plate and so on belong to one of the sanding plate, but the surface state of these plates is not the same, so the statement is not the same.

6, color stainless steel etching PLATE: Etching plate is in the mirror plate, drawing plate, sandblasting plate as the bottom plate, its surface through the chemical method, corrosion out of a variety of patterns after deep processing, the etching of the local and tattoo, drawing, gold, titanium and other complex process treatment, and finally achieve the pattern of light and dark, colorful effect.