Unique Outdoor Grill And Table Combined

Products Description The Grill is beautifully designed and creates a special experience of cooking in an atmospheric way together with your guests. Whether you are baking eggs, slowly cooking vegetables, grilling a tender steak or preparing a fish meal, with the Grill you discover a completely...

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unique outdoor grill and table combined

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This BBQ is a unique outdoor grill and table combined – designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the French Alps, and made from precision engineered steel. Cooking outdoors with a Vulx Fusion means that trudges away from your guests to that end of the garden BBQ unit are a thing of the past. Cooking and socialising with a BBQ is an altogether more practical, intimate and convivial experience.

the large circular cooking area is 72cm in diameter and features a central high-heat and fast cooking area for grilling, searing or sautéing, surrounded by a lesser heated outer area that acts as a hotplate to keep food warm.

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