Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ Grills

The BBQ grill has 10mm thick cooking table, and diameter can be 1000mm or 850mm. Through the wood fire in the fire dish (coal is also possible, but is less fun because it does not give flame and no smoke flavor) the plate is heated to about 300˚C. Spread the plate with oil and the cooking starts. The cooking surface is big: on the plate with a diameter of 1000mm can be cooked for 50 people without any problems.

Product Details

Like a traditional campfire, AHL BBQ brings people together. The wood-fired fire scales emit warmth within a radius of two meters, that enables outdoor cooking and fir you to eat outside in winter. 

The AHL is designed in such a way that family and friends can prepare their own food while enjoying a drink and a cozy conversation.

Products Description



NameStainless Steel Charcoal BBQ Grills 
MaterialCorten Steel


Cooking table:1000mm or 850mm


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