Easily Install Barbecue Grills Outdoor BBQ Grill

Grill plate has different cooking temperatures. In the centre of grill plate is much higher than outside temperature. It makes cooking is even easier and all ingredients can be served together.

Product Details

Easily install Barbecue Grills Outdoor BBQ Grill

The corten metal grill/ BBQ are designed and creates a special experience of cooking in garden or outside.

Whether you are baking eggs, slowly cooking vegetables, grilling a tender steak or preparing a fish meal, 

with the Grill customer discover a completely new world full of possibilities for outdoor cooking. 

You can also grill beaf, chiken with baking bread at the same time.

Details of BBQ

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry, custom design, and consulting support.
* Sample free make & testing support.
* Factory visting & testing in workshop

After-Sales Service

* Training the installation
* Engineers available to service custom design.

*LOGO laser stamping


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