Dubai CNC Cut Metal Interior Screen Panel

Laser-cutting technology means you can design your own patterns for decorative corten steel screens like these – perfect for adding interest to plain walls and reducing the visual impact of very high walls.

Product Details

Dubai CNC Cut Metal Interior Screen Panel

These CNC Corten steel screen was custom designed and installed for a lovely riverfront mid-century modern home. 

The screen acts as a room divider for two adjacent patios. The imagery for the screen was suggested by the circular theme used for interior fabrics and fixtures, and the other shapes are contemporary takes on mid- century modern standards.

fence and gate (4)

Techincal features for these CNC metal screens:

1.Easy to install

2.Up and down can add color light will improve the performance

3.Good whiteness,transparency, refractivity and hardness

4.No pollution or radiation to the environment

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