Decor CNC Corten Metal Screen Panels

Laser-cutting technology means you can design your own patterns for decorative corten steel screens like these – perfect for adding interest to plain walls and reducing the visual impact of very high walls.

Product Details

Decor Corten Metal Screen panels

The laser cut garden screens in some manner adds warmth and year round interest.

These corten steel garden screens are suitable for using in such places as houses, gardens, streets, gymnasiums, theaters, cinemas, hotels, and anywhere else that requires a beautiful environment and tender artistic atmosphere.

CNC Making art on metal is easy to be accomplished, it is cheap, modern, easy to maintain, and it presents special impressions to people.


Displayed in hotel lobbies, restaurants, clubs, bars, ktv, gardens, personal residences, the laser cut screens used as decoration purposes mostly, it is more like art rather than furniture. 

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