Outdoor Patio Weathering Corten Steel Plate/Coil

Corten steel also called Weather Resistant steel or Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant steel, is known as a low cost and highly effective material. Corten steel is classed as being a "self -protecting "steel for its "patina "which results from protective surface oxidation and...

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Outdoor Patio Weathering Corten Steel Plate/Coil

The Corten steel naturally develops a protective layer, which is also called an oxide layer and protects the steel from weathering corrosion when exposing to the atmosphere. The oxide layer that gives the steel its distinctive appearance and enhances weather-resistant capabilities compared to standard steels, also the improved corrosion performance can lead to improved service life.

Corten steels are typically used in Railway, bridges, rolling stock, shipping containers, Garden building, and other structural applications.

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