Outdoor Corten Garden Wall Lamp

Outdoor Corten Garden Wall Lamp

The Bollard Lights from the RUSTY range stand out with their extraordinary rusty appearance and give every outdoor space a special meaning. The warm rusty appearance is achieved by a special chemical treatment of the FeCSi steel used. This makes the Metal Bollards unique pieces and a special feature wherever they are installed.

Product Details

Outdoor Corten garden wall lamp

material: corten steel

Fitting type: surface floor lighting

The corten lighting serie in corten steel exists in 5 models: a wall lamp and 4 armatures 65 cm, 85 cm, 105 cm en 125 cm height for mounting on the ground.. The dimensions of the ground mounted models are 12 x 12 cm, the wall lamp is 10 x 10 cm.

E27 fitting


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