A588 Grade A Corten Steel Plate

Cor-Ten or corten steel is a type of steel that resists corrosion

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A588 Grade A Corten steel plate

Weathering steel, great-regarded under the trademark corten plates and right here and there composed without the hyphen as "corten plates", is a gathering of metal alloys which had been created to avert the requirement for portray, and structure a solid rust-like appearance if provided to the climate for some years.

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USA steel Corporation (uss) holds the enlisted trademark at the call corten. Even though USA sold its discrete plate business to global steel group (now Arcelor-mittal) in 2003, regardless it gives corten marked fabric in strip-manufacturing facility plate and sheet systems.

The first corten were given the same old undertaking A 242 ("Corten a") from the ASTM global gauges organization. Greater modern-day ASTM reviews are A 588 ("Corten B") and a 606 for meager sheet.


"Weathering" implies that due to their compound creations, those steels show increased resistance to barometrical corrosion contrasted with unalloyed steels. That is as a consequence of the steel structures a protecting layer on its floor suffering from the weather. The corrosion impeding impact of the defensive layer is delivered by way of the particular appropriation and centralization of alloying additives in it. The layer ensuring the floor creates and recovers persistently when subjected to the impact of the weather. On the cease of the day, the metal is allowed to rust preserving in mind the cease aim to shape the "defensive" covering.

Chemical Composition

Grade %C %Si %Mn %P %S %Cr %Cu %V %Ni
CORTEN A0.120.25-0.750.20-0.500.07-0.150.0300.50-1.250.25-0.55…..0.65
CORTEN B0.190.30-0.650.80-1.250.0350.0300.40-0.650.25-0.400.02-0.100.40

Mechanical Properties

GradeMinimum yield point
Mpa *)
Tensile strength
Rm MPa
Minimum elongation A
(Lo=5.65 √So)
CORTEN A34548520
CORTEN B34548519


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